Welcome to ya'

My name is Jamie Balfour. I am computer science student, web developer and software developer.

Welcome to my 2016 website.

Welcome to the 4th version, version 4.0 of my website.

It does seem rather sad that I have been considering using a front-end framework, like BootStrap, for about three years now, and whilst this site is still only in alpha/beta stages, it would not take more than five minutes to initiate transfer the whole of my website over to this new design.

But you ask, why is this sad? Well think about it this way. My website before was rather much my own design - in fact, it was entirely that. I have always been about doing that - not using a front-end framework like BootStrap, but now, after years of developing my website I want change.

I once said:

I will never use a front-end framework unless it the last choice I have.

Not noble at all, but if you are reading this then you know I have decided to do it.

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