Web development quiz

If you are ready to test your knowledge in this web development course using CSS, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript and PHP, this quiz is designed to get you tested on your knowledge.

It has been created with the ideal goal of being able to fully understand what building a website constitutes. This quiz is relatively easy, provided that all tutorials have been covered or you have a good knowledge of the aforementioned technologies.

This quiz has been written in a format close to how I would ask it to my pupils (after all, I aspire to be a teacher).

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Question 1

Which of the following options is a new element to HTML5?

Question 2

Which of the following defines a font style that is slightly heavier than standard text?

Question 3

Tick two of the following so that each one corresponds to a comment in CSS and HTML.

Question 4

Some syntax for a simple form has been created, but it has not yet been released due to the lack of technical knowledge in the team.

  1. <form action=post.php method=post>
  2. <input name="name" type="text">
  3. <input type value="Submit">
  4. <form>

What is missing from the form closing tag?


Write code that represents a corrected form of the displayed form that functions correctly. Follow the code sample directly so that elements and attributes are in the same order, but modify parts that you believe to be incorrect.

Question 5

One of the most innovative features of PHP is the ability to read from a file. Which of the following options gives the ability to read a PHP file and utilise functionality within it?

Question 6

A database contains the following information:

id Name Age Area
fgi309 Joe 31 London
fmq930 Emily 50 Sheffield
jklm0 Adam 24 London
jus78 Clark 39 London
kl9j8 Mark 45 Stafford
7opa5 Pamela 26 Sheffield
f8433 Pam 39 London

Now the database is queried using the following SQL query:

  1. SELECT * FROM `EmployeeTable` WHERE `Name` LIKE "Pam%"

Which rows will be returned from this query?

Final marks

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